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  • What is ramie
    Ramie is the official name for textile made from nettle.
  • How do you wash ramie
    Use eco friendly bleach free detergent, like ecover Wash colour wash 30 Celcius Dont use dryer, hang to airdry If you give it good shake before drying you might not have to iron If iron; medium heat
  • Where is 'Hempcat' clothing made
    Most of our clothing is made in the Southwest of China, Yunnan province.
  • How about fair trade
    We believe in a fairer world and try to contribute to that in any (small) way possible. With our tailors we have discussed and signed an agreement for our cloths to be made under working conditions as layed out in the 10 principles of Fairtrade of WFTO Europe. Where possible we work directly with our makers/suppliers and if purchasing from third parties we prefer to buy from Fairtrade accredited wholesalers. In order for small makers to just add value through their work: we will where needed pay for the materials upfront so they don't need any financial lay-out in order to make a living.
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