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Textura was founded by us: Ian Pigg and Sinja Streuper.

We met as traders in the field and on the road. Ian lived in Hong Kong and China and Sinja in several African countries for about 10 years. Our lives and businesses have been merged since 2010.

We couldn't have been in this place without the help of many others,

firstly the people who produce our lovely goodies and then our committed part-timers, supporting family and the 'fan club' of regulars who share our appreciation and keep us going.



Passionate about where we went, what we did and whom we met on our personal journeys; we wanted to keep those special connections by sourcing and selling from those faraway places. 

Where Ian travelled and lived in the nineties we still work together with the same tailoring family and some of their former trainees.

Sinja has always been interested in design and creating and making her own (and others) clothes, since she was in her teens, A good match!


Having travelled and/or lived in places with difficult living conditions and human suffering made us more aware of our role in the way the world is organised. It made us think about ways we can make a positive difference, even if it is a small one. 

So we try to source as much as possible from small entrepreneurs. Directly. As we believe this serves all.

We pay mutually arranged fair prices and when we order we will always pay a deposit towards the materials, enabling them to produce without risk to their livelihood. Most of our cloths are made in cottage industry by people working from home.


Our core product is durable timeless clothing made of natural fibres, mainly nettle fabric, sustainably grown without irrigation and pesticides. We love it!

Nettle fabric (ramie as is the official name) is commonly used in Yunnan, the south-west of China. It has  impressive eco credentials and its use deserves to be re-kindled. 

In general we are always looking for the most eco-friendly and sustainable way to do business. We try to decrease our carbon footprint, re-use and recycle packaging and use green energy where we can.


We trade from our shop in Ashbourne, a festival stall in summer and online. 

We are a living wage employer.


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