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Beautifully crafted indigo tie-dye fabric. Entirely handmade by the Bai people in Yunnan, South-West China. Size: approx. 150 x 200 cm. ( 5' x 6.5') 

Use it as a throw, tablecloth, curtain....etc. Handpicked by us and one-offs.


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Large size indigo tie-dye fabric

  • Indigo dye is water soluble and therefore it will be impossible to make the fabric completely colourfast, but with some pre-treatment is entirely suitable for everyday use.

    The colours will change over time with washing: All shades will show up more which adds to the character of the fabric. Click here to find out more.


    You might consider wearing household gloves .....

    First one has to get rid of the excess indigo in the following way:

    • 1. Soak the piece in lukewarm water overnight with 7 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar fixes the dye, so during this soak no dye will be lost. The weave will loosen up and makes rinsing out the less well fixated indigo particles easier.

    • 2. Throw vinegar water away and wash with a gentle detergent by hand for a short time in lukewarm, water. At this point the water will turn blue. No need to worry!

    • 3. Rinse at least 10 times to get rid of the excess indigo. The water will slowly turn less blue.

    • 4. Hang to drip dry.

    • 5. Iron on a cotton setting, using steam if you wish. The base fabric is a high quality 100% cotton.

    Your indigo tie-dye is now ready to be enjoyed without the dye rubbing off. However, please keep in mind that if wet, the indigo will slightly stain. For future washes we recommend to wash separately by hand, or machine on a normal cotton setting.

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