This basket is made from the hollow stalks of dried elephant grass in the north of Ghana. Elephant grass grows so tall that an elephant can disappear in it! 

The basket is flexible when dry,  making it comfortable to use, easy to squeeze into a corner and extremely durable as the material doesn't go brittle unlike many traditional weaving materials. Many baskets are known to have lasted 20 years+  and have lots of uses: shopping, picnic ( a bottle of anything will nicely sit between the split attachments of the handle) cat-bed, around the garden, a night away, log basket, up the stairs, vege storage......

They can get wet and if wet, are more rigid and re-shapeable. You can even 'flatpack' them. The chunky handle is strongly attached and covered with goat leather, making it comfortable to use even when carrying a heavy load. Every basket is handwoven and unique in pattern and shape.

It takes upto a week to complete a large basket. Our baskets are fair trade.

Bolga basket large

  • Diameter at the top 37 cm. / overal height 24 cm. 

  • The basket will be send out as a 'flatpack'. This is how we receive the baskets too. They can easily be re-shaped, without any risk of damage. 

    To bring it back to its original shape; soak the basket for 1 minute, put it outside in the rain, under the shower, in the tub, bucket ...... let it sink in for 5 minutes. By now the weave has gone more rigid and the basket can be pushed and tweaked back into its original shape.  Firstly un-flatten, open up the fold. Looks like a very wonky basket by now.  Start working pushing the basket onto on a flat surface to straighten the bottom, straighten the handles if needed and than work the walls by pushing with both flat hands on the in- and outside till you're happy. Easy peasy you're done, now let it dry out. 

    This process can be repeated whenever you wish. The baskets can get wet, providing they can entirely dry out again.