Traditional Turkish pestemal towel in bamboo.


  • absorbs upto 4 times as much as cotton. Making this a lightweight and compact woven towel.
  • ideal for camping, travel, gym, scarf or sarong.
  • is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal: you will have a fresh towel even after a week of camping.
  • is comfortable for people with skin issues.
  • is extremely soft to the touch, and has a natural sheen like silk or cashmere. yet more durable.

Bamboo towel burgundy

  • 180 x 95 cm.

  • Unless heavily soiled, use cool machine wash (30C) and the gentle wash cycle with bleach-free laundry products (like ecover)

    We do recommend against using fabric conditioners, while they won't do any harm your clothes may not stay as soft and smooth as they would without.

    For heavy soil use warm water (40C) in your washer and allow to pre-soak to remove excess soil. Never use hot (60C) water for regular washing when cleaning bamboo, because it can cause the fabric to shrink. Bamboo fabrics can be weakened by chlorine bleach. For heavy stains or for whitening, use an oxygen-based soak.

    To remove specific stains, follow the recommendations for each type of stain. Enzyme-based stain removers are save to use on bamboo before washing.

    Best to air dry all bamboo items.  If quick drying is needed, use the low heat cycle of the washdryer as high temperatures can shrink bamboo fabric. 

    If ironing is necessary, use a dry iron (no steam) at a low setting.