Hanging mobile decorations made from raw linen.


The mobiles are totally natural, handmade from starched flax yarn. The designs are cut from a mat of the starched flax and up to 10 are strung together on a roughly 2 metre long string. They are lightweight, fairly sturdy, and have a lovely texture.



We design the different styles and work together with a small family business located in a village in the North East of Guangdong province, South China. The mobiles are made on a casual basis by independent individuals (mostly farmers) strenghtening and topping-up rural incomes .



We deal with the makers on the ground and are always looking to trade fairly: we make advance payments for buying raw materials, pay the asking price and have visited the production site (a local house) to evaluate the working conditions.



We currently have  different styles in a range of colours:

Three shapes of flower, hearts, butterflies and stars. Come winter we have seasonal danglies too!

Most shapes are cut out, apart from the hearts which are made by wrapping flax thread around a wire shape, which makes them more sturdy.

The mobiles have slight variations in thickness and colour, due to the nature of the product. (This only adds to the charm!)



Everywhere really!

Made to be used indoors, They can be easily attached (even a blob of blue tack will hold them) and displayed as bunting or as a vertical mobile. They can survive a summer outdoors as well (hearts are best as more sturdy) . As for windy conditions: hang something heavy at the bottom, a beautiful bead, a little pouch with marbles, a fishing weight, or anything else that takes your fancy!

Some of our customers take the designs off the string and use the individual pieces as place mats, gift tags, or just as decorations in their own right.